Getting Started

The coaching process is customized to each individual’s or group’s focus. The frequency of services can range from immediate crisis consulting to regularly scheduled weekly, monthly, or quarterly sessions. Senior leaders often value just in time coaching for critical issues. Many leaders ask how the coaching process works. All sessions are kept strictly confidential and the person being coached supplies the “agenda” for each session. An experienced coach functions as an expert listener and careful observer, while asking questions that help you, the client, maintain responsibility but with a deeper insight, clarity, maturity and courage.

Why us?

If you are looking for experienced leadership and certified professional coaching then CC&C is the answer!

Coaching relationships typically begin with a complimentary telephone conversation which itself is confidential and without obligation. Find out more about coaching under the Service menu or sign up here for your complimentary consultation!

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Put an end to how you wish it were and take action! When you make a commitment by hiring a CC&C Coach, you gain a stronger focus and will take your goals more seriously. You benefit from the synergy of two people working together to achieve the goals you set for yourself.