Cheryl Close is a fantastic coach. With her knowledge and expertise she builds coaching relationships with educators to help them develop as professionals. Her coaching style is very supportive, helpful and focused. I always felt empowered after a session of her expert questioning and insight.
–Teddie Winslow, Elementary Principal

Cheryl is supportive, kind, and most importantly non-judgmental. She will lead you to clarity in any situation. She knows and understands leaders dealing with the pressure of high stress careers. She has been there, but doesn’t just tell you her experiences, rather, formulates the right questions at the right time for you to come up with the best solution for your organization. I would recommend Cheryl as a coach for any executive who wants to really solve the issues he or she faces. Coaching is the best interpersonal professional development I have ever been a part of. Cheryl focuses on you, not herself, and leads you to think through decisions thoroughly. Coaching resulted in having clarity in important decisions, and an understanding of what really doesn’t matter. Cheryl separates the noise from the core function of your job, which allows you to clearly see the forest, not just the trees. Cheryl is very, very smart, and uniquely perceptive.
–Curtis Martin, Principal, Hicks Elementary, Frisco, TX

Cheryl was the number one fan as my coach. She believed in me and helped me to believe in myself as the instructional leader of my campus. She was open, readily available and eager to listen. Cheryl didn’t solve my problems for me. Instead, she helped me to find the answers that were already inside of me. Coaching gave me the confidence and clarity to make the tough decisions required as a principal. She listened non-judgmentally and asked the questions that made me a better principal. In addition, I learned the power of communication and have employed many of Cheryl’s strategies when working with my leadership team and faculty on campus. I worked with Cheryl during my rookie years, which enabled me to have a constant go-to person who would support me, encourage me and strengthen my leadership skills. Cheryl consistently wanted me to reach my greatest potential as a principal. I know I couldn’t have gotten through many obstacles without her.
–Elisa Wittrock, Principal, Rockbrook Elementary, Lewisville, TX

Cheryl acts as a sounding board for my thinking while providing a confidential space for me to reflect on leadership ideas. She is very compassionate and competent; I appreciate her effort, energy, and enthusiasm she devotes to every session.
–Leigh Ann Lewis, Principal, Lamar Middle School, Lewisville, TX

Cheryl Close is a gem! She was instrumental in helping me have a successful year as a new principal. Her leadership and coaching positively impacted the entire school community. Her impact is evident in some of the new initiatives and programs at my elementary school campus. Cheryl empowered me to make sound decisions that transformed the campus. Her coaching, wisdom, and sense of humor helped me through some of the rough spots. I always felt like I had someone to call whenever I needed an ear. She was the first person that I called whenever the “storm hit.” She was also the first person that I called whenever I wanted to celebrate a success! I have grown as a person and as a professional because of Cheryl Close.
–Cynthia Jaird, Principal, College Street Elementary, Lewisville, TX

Cheryl uses the perfect blend of support and encouragement to make you feel comfortable and at ease while stretching you outside of your comfort zone. Cheryl is my goal and dream fulfillment accelerator! She is a great listener that challenges me to shift my thoughts into action, accelerating the progression of my campus’ initiatives.
–Shawna Miller, Elementary Principal, Texas