Policies for Coaching Clients

Please Read the Information Below and Keep this Information for Future Reference 

Confidentiality:  Our coaching relationships with our clients are completely confidential. We will not reveal the content of our coaching sessions to anyone. This is sacred.  You are free to share whatever you choose from your sessions with anyone.

Time:  We will begin and end our sessions on time, in honor of our commitment, unless we have both agreed at the beginning of a session for a longer period of time due to a particular need.

Our Session:  In our busy lives, each of us will occasionally need to move a session. We require twenty-four hours notice to reschedule, and we will work with you to reschedule within the same week. We will extend to you the same courtesy, and give you as much advance notice as possible. If there is an emergency and you are unable to call ahead of time, we will attempt to work around it. Forgetting or missing our session does not count as an emergency, and will be considered a paid session. We are honoring our relationship by setting aside that time for you. If your coach is traveling, and you have a session scheduled, your coach will let you know in advance so you can call him/her on their cell phone. Otherwise, if this is not possible, we will agree to reschedule.

Payment:  We offer a Complimentary Initial Consultation session to help you to know if coaching is for you. Generally, the fee of our sessions is $125 on an hourly basis. Packages with different levels of service are also available. All sessions are to be paid at the beginning of each contract period. We will maintain a log of paid sessions, and if requested, we will send out an email receipt of payment for your records. We currently accept personal checks, cash, payment through Paypal, or credit cards utilizing Square. At the end of the Complimentary Session, you can work with us to determine which package fits your needs best.  (See separate Fee Structure.)

Sharing: It is a very powerful tool to simply share what you are learning with others in your life. That alone can help reinforce new insights and skills. As an added bonus, for every person you refer to us for a complimentary consultation call who enrolls in one of our coaching programs, you will receive one complimentary session.

In-between Sessions: Communication, homework, accountability, sharing successes and roadblocks can all be handled through e-mail. This can be a great tool to keep working your new “muscles”. If you need to call or text your coach, please do so by using their cell numberYou might consider purchasing a notebook, journal, or spiral to record any notes and thoughts after our sessions to help “lock in” what you are learning.

Completing our Relationship: Initially, we request that you honor yourself with committing to a minimum of three months of coaching. Committing to 13 weeks allows you the opportunity to work through the initial period and experience some success. After that, we can continue on a month-to month-basis if you choose or extend by committing to one of the other packages. When you decide it is time to end our coaching relationship, please give us one month’s notice. This will give us time to capture your learning and strategize for what is next in your life. By the same token, if we have agreed on a commitment of a coaching time period, we will re-evaluate two sessions before it completes.

Finally, it’s important that you know that if your coach ever says or does something that upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it to the coach’s attention. If your coach poses a question during a session that doesn’t work, let him/her know. If there are requests or “homework that seem way off base, then tell your coach. You always have the right to either accept, decline, or modify any request your coach makes. You and your coach will continually work together to strengthen your relationship so that it supports your growth. Your coach is not a “friend” to listen to you complain, but someone who will hold you higher than that which you may be accustomed. He/she will challenge you to look beyond your “comfort zone” while providing a safe environment for you to explore unfamiliar areas of your life and being. Your coach will work with you to realize who you have to BE and create a path for what you have to DO so you can live the life you truly wish to HAVE.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact us, otherwise it is assumed that you understand and agree to all the above terms.  Be sure to fill out the New Client Information Form and return it to us so we can get down to the real business….you and your life.

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