Packages & Fees

Like with most endeavors, the more effort a client puts into the coaching process, the more he or she can expect to get out of it. At least for the first three month period, we highly recommend the “Ultimate Benefit Package” which offers the highest level of support and provides the highest frequency of sessions which allows the client to see real progress quickly.

Platinum Package for 3 Months Minimum

Up to 4 one-hour sessions per month
Unlimited e-mail, text messaging for follow-up & questions
Phone access in between sessions for short conversations
Only $ 6,000 per quarter

Gold Package for 3 Months Minimum

Up to 2 one-hour sessions per month
Up to one extra contact (email or text) per week for follow up and questions
Only $ 3,000 per quarter

Silver Package for 3 Months Minimum

1 one-hour session per month
Only $1,500 per quarter

Custom Benefit Package

Upon request, it is possible to design a custom benefit package to fit a client’s particular needs. If you are interested, talk to us about an individualized package.

Please Note:

Services are payable at the beginning of each contract period by cash, check, Paypal, or credit card. There is a $35 service fee on any returned checks. Receipt of payment confirmation by email is available upon request.

Any client referral you make which results in client enrollment, will provide one complimentary session being credited to your account!

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